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Leonidas Chocolate Bars selection is inspired from our best selling Napolitains, all these bars are made with 100% cocoa butter, to offer you great quality in a convenient format - simply the perfect snack for your discerning palate.

Chocolate bar sampler Leonidas Chocolate Bars - Variety Pack (12 bars)
Can't decide? - Get 2 of each flavour.
Leonida dark chocolate bar Leonidas Dark Chocolate Bars (12 bars)
Dark Chocolate, 70% pure cocoa.

Leonida Feuilletine Chocolate bar Leonidas Feuilletine Chocolate Bars (12 bars)
Milk chocolate with chunks of biscuit.
Milk Chocolate bar Leonidas Milk Chocolate Bars (12 bars)
Creamy pure milk chocolate.

Nibs Chocolate bar Leonidas Nibs Chocolate Bars (12 bars)
Dark chocolate with fragments of cocoa bean.
White Chocolate bar Leonidas White Chocolate Bars (12 bars)
Creamy white chocolate.

Leonidas Chocolate Orange bar Leonidas Orange Chocolate Bars (12 bars)
Dark chocolate with a hint of orange flavour.

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We currently sell our Belgian Chocolates within the UK. If you would like to place an order for delivery within the USA please visit Leonidas in the USA.

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